Payyo. Meet your payment partner.

As part of this project, I worked with the Payyo team to create the new brand, develop a new visual design scheme, and build the website and other brand material. Payyo now has a strong, consistent brand to scale and expand into new markets.



About Payyo

Payyo, previously TrekkPay, is the payment partner for SaaS platforms and their merchants, with roots in the travel industry as a TrekkSoft Group company.

Markets: International, headquartered in Switzerland.


Services provided:

  • Brand strategy

  • Visual identity (with design by Barbra Silva)

  • Brand voice

  • Set up of new CRM (HubSpot)

  • Website design

  • Website content

  • Slide deck for clients & investors


Design by Barbra Silva


Visual brand

With Barbra Silva

With Payyo, we wanted to create a professional brand that still manages to be approachable and a little quirky.

Its primary colour is our rich Payyo purple, complemented by a vibrant green for sub-headings and a gold tone for icons.


 Payyo Purple #593e62
Payyo Purple #593e62
 Payyo Green #42e1b8ff
Payyo Green #42e1b8ff


 Payyo Gold #ed9e46ff
Payyo Gold #ed9e46ff






Brand promise

Payyo exists to help SaaS platforms and their customers to simply process payments and support them in building wildly successful businesses.




Tone & voice

At Payyo…

We are Swiss born and bred and focus on quality, but we are not inflexible.

We are youthful, but we are not unprofessional.

We are experienced, but we are not unapproachable.

We are friendly and want your business to grow with ours.


Brand credibility

As a new player in the world of payments, but with years of experience behind in travel, we needed to show credibility on the Payyo website. Fortunately Payyo’s happy clients include some of the largest SaaS platforms in leisure, travel and hospitality. We designed the website to have its partnership-driven approach shine through at every moment.



Slide deck

Payyo also needed a slide deck to inform sales prospects and investors about the product. For this, we created a presentation around simple graphics and easy-to-read benefit statements for each feature.