A January morning ski on Hasliberg, the local mountain above Meiringen

08:10. Left my house a bit later than planned, but easily buy a half-day ski pass and get the next gondola from Meiringen at about 08:25.

08:41. Bidmi – Käserstatt lift. Getting close to the top!

08:45. Good morning, Meiringen. Under the mist in the distance is Brienz, with Lake Brienz behind and to the left.

08:46. Photos done, it’s time to go.

08:48. There are way too many photo opportunities in the Swiss Alps.

09:13. After a shaky start, I’m getting back into this. I’ve invented a game for myself where my torso must be facing downhill at all times when in motion. I zigzag across the slope when I’m nervous. I’m infinitely more relaxed when facing forward, with relaxed and bouncy knees, and doing tight turns.

09:19. Oh, Switzerland. Slowing down to admire the view means losing all momentum, but there’s always the opportunity of a bit of a cross-country ski to get it back again.

09:53. Wide slopes, beautiful views, snow-dusted trees… it’s my kind of run.

10:32. Time to get back for work. This is just above Bidmi – I can ski a little further down and then get the gondola from Reuti back to Meiringen. And from there, it’s skis back on for the final leg.