I’m Lucy Fuggle, a writer, reader, adventurer, and fan of nature.

In 2012, I created the book recommendation site Tolstoy Therapy which still receives 1M+ readers a year.

My other projects are Live Wildly, my publishing brand and content platform for adventurous living, and Simple Living Business, where I share lessons from my business journey.

I’m the author of:

During my English & Spanish degree from 2011-2015, I fell into the tech world via mentoring programs with Google and Microsoft. I then spent some years in travel tech before starting my own consulting business in 2018.

While living in Spain, Switzerland, and Denmark, I’ve built 10+ years of experience as a content writing and inbound marketing specialist, working with leading brands such as HubSpot.

When I’m not writing, I love nature and remote places, always have a book on the go, and occasionally climb mountains.

I grew up on a sheep farm in an English village with a population of 5,000, and downsized in 2015 to live in Meiringen, Switzerland for four years. I now live with my husband in Copenhagen, missing the mountains but eating plenty of pastries.

Get in touch via hello@lucyfuggle.com or find me on LinkedIn.

Some of my work…

  • Created content to rank #1 on Google for keywords as uniquely diverse as… “wholesome books” (Tolstoy Therapy) ; “travel trends” (TrekkSoft) ; “hubspot vs salesforce” (HubSpot)
  • Managed a marketing team of 12 writers, designers & translators at TrekkSoft
  • Scaled my first business (marketing consulting & content writing) to five-figure months entirely based on referrals
  • Built a book blog in 2012 which millions of people have received book recommendations from
  • Grew the PieSync (acquired by HubSpot) blog by 2.3x YoY at an average growth rate of 11% MoM
  • Created a content strategy that generated 100,000 downloads in four languages for a travel tech brand
  • Wrote, created & self-published a beautiful hardcover for Mountain Song: A Journey to Finding Quiet in the Swiss Alps
  • Created brand positioning and content for the jobcloud.ch website, coordinated redesign & translation to 2 languages

Some kind words…

“It has been a real pleasure working with Lucy! In those 18 months, she has not only been consistently delivering the core areas of her job – such as copywriting & content strategy – but also helping out other projects beyond her scope such as, building best practices, topic ideation, lead generation and contributing to the HubSpot Blog.

Lucy has been the driving force of growing the PieSync blog performance by 2.3x YoY at an average growth rate of 11% MoM. I especially appreciated her ability to grasp high level ideas and being able to run with it to produce a well researched, in-depth and engaging content pieces. Her work at both PieSync & HubSpot are highly praised upon across leadership, and I sincerely hope that we can work together again sometime in the future.”

– Asad Zulfahri, HubSpot

“Thank you for your cooperation on our Summer Magazine, it was a pleasure!”

– Switzerland Tourism

“You’ve been AMAZING! Really appreciate all of your hard work, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your interviews and write ups. Thank you so much!”

– Turing Fest

“Lucy did an amazing job in supporting JobCloud on our project for the corporate website. I would like to thank her especially for the kind support, the great documentation and the great handover she provided us with.”

– JobCloud

“Yes, I’d recommend working with Lucy! She’s organized, hyper efficient, consistent and knowledable in her craft. She offers great communication with clients and is clear on deliverables, too.”

– Jon Fauver Co-founder & Director of Bus2alps

“I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy! She’s smart and works fast, making her an ideal partner. She understood our product quickly and was almost immediately able to provide a wide range of excellent marketing services. Our product is now more visible to a wider range of potential clients.”

– Kevin Millington Director of Acorn Tourism Consulting

“You made and make a difference in my life, so much life-inspiration has come from you! I think I’ve followed your emails for 5+ years. I can’t say I read everything, but most of the time it’s enough to pick just one idea or book, and then hold on it. There are many books that I found myself and was glad to later see confirmed them on your lists. Actually, right now I am not sure anymore which titles I got from you, and which from my searches in other sources, but when I lack ideas for more reading I get to your site. Thank you!”

– Reader of Tolstoy Therapy

“I just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoy your work, and blog posts. The simplicity and elegance in the way you write is so refreshing. I’m always looking for inspiration, and your writing certainly provides that. Thank you”

 – Reader of Tolstoy Therapy